WHAT: A serum that boosts cellular energy and slows cellular aging. It delivers visible results quickly for improved radiance, smoother, texture, reduced appearance of fine lines.  “THE FIRST AND ONLY OPPORTUNITY IN THE US TO HAVE A SKINCARE PRODUCT AFFECT THE SKIN AT A CELLULAR LEVEL” – Dr. Houshman

WHY: Over time our energy levels begin to decline and FATIGUE sets in.  Skin fatigue is impacted by intrinsic and extrinsic factors; it shows itself has dehydrated, dull, discolored/pigmented, sagging skin. Distressed/Fatigued skin is one of the top skincare concerns of consumers- until now there was nothing to address it.

HOW: Revision skincare is once again at the forefront of technology with a clinical breakthrough: PATENTED, INDUSTRY FIRST Sunflower Sprout Extract.  SSE is CLINICALLY demonstrated to BOOST skin’s cellular energy. (Revision skincare will host the cover of the next JCAD publication with this brand new, innovative technology)

 What are people saying?

  • It’s like topical Scultpra
  • Take your facial glow home
  • Filter effect glow
  • It’s a power strength training workout for your cells
  • It’s your, “I woke up like this” serum

What’s it CLINICALLY PROVEN to do?


  • INCREASE SKIN THICKNESS by 24% (biopsy after 12 weeks)
  • BOOST ELASTIN by 74% (biopsy after 12 weeks)
  • INCREASE COLLAGEN IV 67% (biopsy after 12 weeks)
  • IMPROVE SKIN DENSITY 115% improvement from baseline (ultrasound on cheek at 12 weeks)
  • 39% reduction of AGE’s in 24 HOURS
  • 10.8% average REDUCTION OF PIGMENTATION after 12 weeks
  • 17.3% average REDUCTION IN REDNESS after 12 weeks***